Thoughts on Writing IC2

The process

I was thinking about the time spent composing the music for IC2 recently. All in all it was a good eight months of solid writing day in and day out. A situation where I was able to lock myself in a house in Southern Italy came about and that enabled me have at it with abandon. A situation that was a blessing, a cleansing experience, cathartic and very much life changing! We are preparing a documentary about the experience for the website. I think this will be something very interesting for everyone since it was such a huge effort to undertake. The writing process is a lonely one. I prefer to be out there playing gigs. But once in a while, the Hermit instinct kicks in and well…this is what happens! Haha

Luckily we had enough financial backing to do the writing basically uninterrupted by the need to generate more dough. It helped to have amazing support from my companies and the people around me.  The process was not easy to accomplish and with out them….The whole project would have never EVER happened.


Originally I wanted to have 50 songs for the project. In retrospect that was just an insane amount to write all in one go. Instead, now there can be compositions added in a never ending stream of material to play along to! Being that we decided to go with the membership site instead of DVD. I think in general i achieved all the writing goals that were set out to accomplish. At the end of the 8 months I shaved my hermit beard and went back out into the world. With lots of material. All of it will be added step by step to the membership site.


Here are some thoughts about the music in a video I did while recording in LA. The video was edited before the decision was made to put the whole project on a membership site. So at the end you will see “coming soon on DVD” ….Well…I am toying with the idea of making it available on DVD if anyone wants the whole thing that way….but it would be very expensive. Its a massive project. Much better this way in the end. Plus….I dont create more plastic pollution. There is enough of that. Digital info creates no waste. I like that!

Anyway, enjoy:-)

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