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Latin Soloing for the drumset….
It was the dream to open doors for all drummers who wanted to expand into “Latin” and african music that kept this dream alive.

When I was a kid, studying was very difficult. It was difficult because of the lack of information, difficulty in obtaining the information and finally the worst of all…sifting through all the people who were just out to make a buck off me. Who were themselves diluted into thinking they were great players. When the truth was they lived in the middle of nowhere, had never really done any gigging except weddings or local bar gigs, or worse! IMHO…teaching when you dont know what you are talking about and have no experience applying what you are teaching on a very high level is the same as fraud. It was this same super frustrating experience that lead me to write books. More for me then for anything else.


When “Latin soloing for the Drumset” was finally finished, publishers told me “Well its too specialized, no one will buy it. Its too hard etc etc” That made me see the general lack of vision in the world and how the average mindset was built around making bucks. This is something that really gets me. Anyone who knows me personally knows this very well. The original version of “Latin soloing” Would have been like an encyclopedia of Rhythm. Of course there was a video as well. The production was massive (as I tend to want to do good things and not average) and very complete. Well…of course it is the way it is now because of the inconvenience at the time…to ship such a book. And stock on store shelves. The space it would take in a store was too much for a merchant. So all that influenced the way it came out. I was forced by commerce to whittle it down into the briefest of all possibilities. Ok…the book is still fine and is loved by the cats who truly get it. So I can live with the results.

All in all that book took about 10 years to write. (The concepts presented there were just coming to life and being formed) Cost me around 30 grand to produce. (Because of video at that time was so expensive) and of course, I have never made that money back. So why post about this? Its not for the sake of moaning.

Its because…i cant stand mediocrity. It lessens us as human beings. A great problem we have is that money and commerce dictate too much of how things in our lives turn out. This is a real drag. Our reality is dragged down by the mediocre minds around us.  That’s a constant battle we fight. And when you are successful of course these same people say….”Oh well this was a great thing and i knew it all along” – HA. Predictable? Yes.

So the drive to be honest and to do things in an excellent way, that lives up to the gift of being alive…motivates me. And music is a huge part of that miracle we experience as being alive.

This is the same motivation I have now in creating my membership website. Something that I hope you will enjoy and that will bring you great pleasure and satisfaction as a drummer and Musician. I feel right about it because its a stand against “jive” and ….I can put things out the way they should be out. In depth….with no watering down of information because of money. I get a great joy in giving out information about drumming. The RIGHT information. Why? Because we create a better world when we lift each other in music. In things that are beautiful. And Drumming ….is one of the music beautiful things on earth.

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Phil M




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