Professional Intensive Drumset course -10 weeks

Curso Intensivo Profesional De Bateria
Curso Intensivo Profesional De Bateria
As we know, the learning process in Drumming never ends for any of us. The question is always … who am i going to study with and how do i to get an appointment with drummers who have extensive experience in any particular field, when they are not in our area of the world?
Dealing with costs to travel to New York, the most expensive city in the world and dealing with extended housing stays for lessons and a drum course is a big problem. Now there is a solution to this problem!  In collaboration with Tamaba School of music in Buenos Aires, Argentina
I am happy to present the first — 10 WEEK INTENSIVE PROFESSIONAL DRUM COURSE — in Buenos Aires!!
Why study in Argentina?? 
1) Studies abroad give you a great experience as a human being. Learn about other cultures. And the Drumming of other cultures!!!
2) The exchange rate with the Dollar makes this a tremendous opportunity for an in depth drumming study!
At nearly 10 to 1 value with the Argentine peso (Even better for Euros) you will be able to study in peace without worrying about being a starving student!
3) Housing assistance is provided by Tamaba school of music and you will be located within walking distance of the school.
4) Buenos Aires has a very active music scene where you will find Jazz clubs as well as Rock and a variety of music!
  • Jazz point 1 to 10! / Independence – Phrasing – Vocabulary – Structure
  • Latin Music –  Afro Cubano studies – Brazilian – Vocabulary and Phrasing
  • Contemporary Drumset technique – Independence and Styles (Rock – Funk – Fusion)
  • Tecnica de Manos – Sistema Murray Spivack y estudio profundo de Rebote y Moeller
  • In Depth Rhythmic studies – (Cycles, Syncopation)
  • Odd time studies (Carnatic system and US adaptation)
  • In Depth Inner Clock Studies – Concepts and application (With backing tracks, Charts and exercises)
  • Estudio de improvisación musical
  • Reading – level 1 – 10
  • Chart reading
  • Applied sight reading (1 hour per day)
  • Recording technique for Drumset
  • Big Band Ensemble Technique –
  • Ensemble Technique– (Quintet to trio)
  • Marketing class and career development
Everyone will be required to take the reading classes. In special cases support classes will be given.  Anyone interested can attend.
Required Hours: Classes from Monday to Friday – 4-5 hours per day.
Classes begin in early September – exact hours will be given when they’re closer to start of the program. Classes generally will be given in the afternoon.
It will also be your responsibility to practice the material presented. A practice schedule should be delivered every week to faculty for verification and a practice room with kit will be reserved for your hours of practice.
To enter the program must pass an audition. It can be done by Internet w/video for people outside Argentina or Buenos Aires area.
Material for the audition: In the video or in person will have to play the following.
* Double stroke roll from slow to fast
* 1 minute of jazz – 3 tempos – Slow to fast
* 1 minute of Rock
* 1 Minute of Funk
* Reading – A short page will be sent to you by email
* 2 minutes open solo – Any style (2 Minutes maximum!)
This material is to be sent to as a link on youtube for consideration of acceptance to the course.  It will be totally private. Seen only by Phil Maturano.
Cost –
7000.00 Argentine pesos – 10 weeks (Roughly $880.00 dollars US) (Roughly 700 Euros)
Includes entire curriculum – Videos, Curriculum, Classes, Practice room and access to drum set.
For students outside of Buenos Aires’s housing assistance is given through Tamaba School of music.
Phil Maturano – As a teacher offers a unique opportunity to study throughout Argentina. With experience at the most Innovative and advanced schools, his methods are well known in the world of international drummers.
Staff – PIT in Los Angeles 11 years
Staff – Drummers Collective in New York – 4 years
Staff – Drummers Institute – Germany – 4 years
In addition, Phil is one of the most in demand clinicians in the world, with clinics and concerts at international music institutions: With his last tour of seminars and teaching position in one of the most prestigious music schools in modern INDIA! Cradle of Rhythm and world percussion!


Professional Intensive 10 week Drum course
With Phil Maturano! Don’t miss it!!