Clinics and Seminars

Phil is one of most requested clinicians on the planet. With clinics and concerts in some of the biggest music institutions he has traveled extensively worldwide representing the finest drum industry companies.

Clinics and Seminars

Phil’s Instructional books have allowed him the opportunity to reach thousands of drummers students and professionals alike, with enthusiastic response. As a clinician, Phil has taught and performed at the most prestigious drum institutions and venues:

Music Miles / Odery Drums Clinic Tour 2019 (CH)

Brazil Clinic Tour 2019 Odery Drums – (BR)

Europe Clinic Tour Sabian 2018 – (EU)

9 Beats Drum festival – (CH)
Sabian Day Brazil- (BR)
Drummers Intensive South America Tour – 2017
With Billy Cobham – (IT)
With Steve Smith (IT)
2015 Drummers Intensive Days – World Clinic Tour
(IT – DE – IN)
Sabian World Clinic Tour (IT-EU-South America)
Swarnahboomi Music Academy – (IN)
Argentina Drummers Intensive days – (AR)
Marktoberdorf Drum Camp – (DE)
Cape Breton International Drum Festival – (CA)
Drummers Collective / New York – (USA)
Drumteck – (UK)
The Music Institute – (UK)
Meinl Drum Festival – (DE)
Musicians Institute P.I.T – (USA)
Drummers Focus – Munich – (DE)
Masstricht conservatory – (NL)
Los Angeles Academy of Music – (USA)
Rigas Ritmi Music Festival – (LV)
10th, 11th, 12th, 23rd Annual Drummers meeting – Salzgitter- (DE)
Arnhem Conservatory – (NL)
The Las Vegas Percussion Camp/UNLV – (USA)
Drums Only with Vinnie Colaiuta -(DE)
WND Jazz Spezial – (DE)
Drummers Institute – (DE)
Escola Civica – Milan – (IT)
Guitar Center – (USA Tour) – Featured Artist
M.U.G. Music House, Gothenburg – (SE)
Zurich Latin Music – (CH)

As well as many others in Austria, France, Spain and South America

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Clinic Content
Clinics are based on material from my books as well as from my new DVD “Afro Cuban Drumming – An overview for the Drumset”

Part 1 / Working the Inner Clock

The concept of this book is explored by working on a series of exercises. The exercises are contained within contemporary song formats and are worked on by using a play along CD and Charts. Their purpose is to allow players to expand their “Inner clock” by attacking specific subdivisions and figures. While analyzing the “ebb and flow” effects on music by subdivisions, we can internalize phrases and increase our sense of “time” by becoming fully aware of these properties of rhythm, in the body and mind. Clinic participants are encouraged to be a part of the activities. They are called up to play at random. Their performance is analyzed and if necessary the player is given adjustments and tips to continue on.

[one_half_last]Schedule: Hour 1

1) Introductions
2) Phil performs songs from book
3) Explanation of Inner clock theory
4) “Inner clock” workout with audience
5) Clinic Participants called up to play
6) Critique session with audience participation
7) Phil Closes performing song from the book[/one_half_last]

Part 2 / “Latin Soloing for the Drumset” – “Afro Cuban drumming” 


The RTS Theory – Decoding the Secret language of African Descent music


AC Druming
Afro Cuban Drumming


Latin Soloing for the Drumset


Part 2 / “Latin Soloing for the Drumset” – “Afro Cuban drumming” 

This presentation focuses on a concept from the book called “RTS”. (Relayed time shifting). A system designed to decode the phrasing of African descent music. Through the use of RTS players are taken through a variety of styles (Afro Cuban / Brazilian etc) and are given a totally unique insight into how this music is played with an authentic feel. This concept is the only one that combines the ancient and mystical rhythms of the past, with their modern day counterparts. Finally giving drummers a system to achieve a mastery of this most intense and elusive genre of drumming.

Schedule: Hour 2

1) Introductions
2) Open Solos – Batucada, Soca, Afro Cuban, Cumbia, Malambo, Funk, Straight ahead.
3) Exploration of RTS concept
4) Played examples from book
5) Construction of an afro Cuban based drum solo
7) Working with percussionists in a rhythm section
6) Open solo with left foot clave

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