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Phil Maturano - New York Sessions
My Latest CD featuring Bill O'Connell and Lincoln Goines. Latin Jazz, Straight ahead and a fusion of world music styles.

At Home Everywhere
Piano Matthew Fries / Chris Torkewitz Bass - Irio O'Farrill / Phil Palombi Drums - Phil Maturano Produced by Francesco Desmaele

My First CD as a solo artist. "Changes"

The Left Foot Clave Handbook
The Left Foot Clave Handbook
Learn the secrets of playing Left Foot Clave

The Left Foot Clave Handbook – (Video Series for members only) Exercises and text!! Over 150 pages. This book is really a detailed study of rhythm and phrasing based on the concept of playing with time line structures. (Clave) Playing the left foot clave requires a serious commitment to those things. As does the study of clave in general. “Left foot clave” is an elusive technique that is largely misunderstood. This is the only method in existence that breaks down Independence, vocabulary and advanced phrasing. Ever wonder how to get the independence and phrasing ability required to master the elusive “Left foot Clave?” Now the time has come to make it happen. “Phil Maturano has written one of the best books I’ve seen on the subject of left foot clave. It’s challenging, yet accessible, very well-organized, and (most importantly) makes music the first priority. Highly recommended.” Mark Walker – Oregon/Paquito D’Rivera/Berklee Professor

Paradiddles and the Magic Sticking
Paradiddles and the Magic Sticking
Paradiddles and the Magic Sticking – PDF book (Video series for members only) Developed in my time in India using Konnakol concepts, this sticking brings the sound of Tablas and Indian classical percussion to the drumset. An immense hand workout and rhythmic study! – Konnakol is one of the deepest rhythmic studies you will ever encounter! This method adds a whole other dimension to it as it applies the language to the drumset in a direct and useful way! The 7 part video series guides you in the method as well as application.