My first solo CD – Changes

When this came out back in 1998 the Jazz radio stations in LA couldn’t get enough of it. Partly due to the fantastic playing on it by the cats and partly due to the fact that it was featured in a film called “Scotch and Milk” – a Black and white beautiful artsy film. This CD co- produced by two great friends and bratha’s Dirk Erchinger and  Adam Goldberg. The CD will also be featured in another film coming out soon on Sony called “No Way Jose” – The featured tune is Waltz for Hi-D featuring the great Howie Shear on Trumpet. Have a listen below




 You can make a token purchase. The tunes are up to listen for free. But if you want to buy this (Which I would be grateful for) I will send you a zip file with the tunes and all artwork.

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[highlight1 variation=”black”]The Players[/highlight1]

Trombone – Fransico Torres
Trumpet – Howie Shear
Sax – Albert Wing
Guitar – Larry Koonse
Guitar – Dave Hill
Bass – Osama Afifi
Bass – Darek Oleszkiewiez
Drums – Phil Maturano

Portrait from the film "Scotch and Milk"
Portrait from the film “Scotch and Milk”