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Lessons were so hard to find! 

I know there are lots of people doing drum lessons online. But, having seen most of them frankly, they leave a lot to be desired. If you know me, you know that I take the passing on of drumming information very seriously. It’s a true honor to share this knowledge.  After over 25 years of teaching and playing, I still remember how hard the struggle was to get good information…with someone who actually has experience in playing and teaching. It SEEMS like there is more information out there now …but really…much of it is just plain misleading and a way for these guys to try to make a buck off unsuspecting beginning drummers. This is a very sad situation in my view. Why? Because I know what it’s like to have a burning desire to play. To learn. To be able to say “I am a musician and I can contribute to the world” – and to encounter a massive stumbling block of misinformation.

How do i know?

10 years old in Mendoza Argentina
10 years old in Mendoza Argentina with my uncles dog Picho

My situation as a kid was probably one of the most difficult because of where I was geographically. Life put me on a path that pretty much separated me from drumming . My parents divorced and I ended up back in their home country, Argentina. Now, imagine…South America at that time. On top of the government basically being a military dictatorship, there was noooothing as far as proper drumming information. And I was dying to play. Always! Talk about frustration and banging ones head against a wall! I felt like I wasted 4 good years over there (yes even at 10 years old) – I found no teachers, not even a trace of a drumset…and my dream was to return to USA and be able to study with the greatest drummers on earth! Eventually after 4 years I did get back. At the age of 14 i was able to start studying again. BUT…studying with the greatest drummers on earth was a long way from reality. I ran into so many phonies…ready to take what little money I had. Showing me nothing and in turn delaying my progress. It seemed like they were doing it on purpose sometimes, so i would never be a drummer!! That’s what it felt like anyway. Slowly I withdrew into myself and started playing at home to tons of records and with any play along records I could find. Like Jim Chapin’s play along albums. Really any music I could get a hold of. Ditching school and staying home to practice seemed like a good idea at the time too. Many times as I left for school, as soon as I was out of view I would hide in the bushes, wait for everyone else to leave the house and sneak back in to play drums!! All day! Then of course continuing the charade before anyone got home. This didn’t last long enough since the school called my parents to see where I was haha. But as much as possible I stayed home and practiced. At the expense of friends, a social life (hence social skills were not to developed and to say i was a full on drum nerd is an understatement) and all else that came with those things. Luckily with time I found Roy McCurdy. And he was my first ever real great teacher. I will never forget him! Thank you Roy!!

I will never forgot the cats that turned my life around in drumming.  With their knowledge I was able to do what I heard!! Not everyone can teach that. By far, the most beautiful way to teach.

If you study my stuff…you can rest assured that it has been cross checked by top pros around the world. That I consulted with many great drummers about the subject matter. That in my research I left no stone unturned. And that in my own studies, I never took shortcuts or did tricks to give me the illusion I could play better or faster or whatever. I know what it’s like to be mislead. To be frustrated, to not have the right people around me. I take that into consideration in every method i write, especially with my most favorite project. The Inner Clock methods.

When i can contribute something to your drumming you can be sure that it is not only me behind it. But all my teachers and the great musicians I have been exposed to. All the playing experience accumulated and a love for drumming and music that has lead me to this point. All my methods have been painstakingly put together to make sure you get the most out of your drumming life.

The dream of this website is now reality…now for the whole world to access information. As if you were me…I present this to you. With much good energy and enthusiasm for you to play… what you hear!

Much Love


pmlessons homepage
pmlessons homepage



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