NEW TUNE From my latest CD! “Phil Maturano – New York Sessions” Alone Together.

NEW TUNE From my latest CD!
“Phil Maturano – New York Sessions”
Alone Together.

India has been a huge influence in my musical life. I really appreciated Indian music after spending a year and a half there. In this tune I apply some of those concepts in Jazz. We are playing the tune is in 7/8. A little adaptation to this beautiful standard that makes it an additional challenge to play. The bridge has an Afro Cuban feel as we go to cut time. Then back to 7 for the last A. The solos follow the same structure of course. The drum solo features a vamp in 7 with Bill and Lincoln keeping a nice tumbao for me to play over.

We have recorded all the music with HQ video as well as audio. Its a new way I am presenting the music. Giving everyone a couple of different options on how to hear it. It’s a new way of doing things I think and one that can give you much more insight into performances. I truly appreciate everyone that buys the CD and of course all the artwork comes included with your download.
Audio Digital Download available exclusively at my website

Bill O’Connell – Piano
Lincoln Goines – Bass
Phil Maturano – Drums
Produced by: Francesco Desmaele
Executive producer: Anthony Cuscina
Recorded Live in NY

Special Thanks to Sabian Cymbals for developing my Custom Jazz Rides which you see here. Also to Innovative percussion Sticks, Gonbops Percussion, Remo, Rhines in Ear Monitors and Odery Drums