My new series “Super Linear Phrasing” on the Drums and Percussion magazine website

HI folks! Some really cool news. Brought to you by “Drums und Percussion” magazine in Germany.

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They have made available my latest series “Super Linear phrasing” available for everyone on their website. The workshop series and articles in this magazine propels it to my highest ranking and it is without a doubt the best drum mag in Europe.

Now you can enjoy the series and learn all about my super linear phrasing concept.  A great hand workout as well as a massive phrasing study. Here is part 1 for you. Complete with notation on the video!

 We have a massive library of material like this waiting for you on the site!

I hope to see you inside! Its a great time to [button link=”” size=”medium” variation=”green”]Join us![/button]

All the best

Phil M.