“Phil Maturano – New York Sessions” – Finally arriving!

Greetings to all.

Another really big project for me has finally come to fruition. My new project is finally coming to reality and we are now in the mixing, mastering and video editing stages!

Wait…did you say video editing? Ohhh yes! This whole CD is on Video!!! I refused to do a new collection of music without accompanying video! Why? Because cd’s are done. No-one wants to buy them. No one wants to pay. So video adds another dimension to presenting collections of music. For music lovers its a chance to see the artists in action. In the moment of creation. My goal with adding video to the release was to make the experience much more personal for them. How can you know what faces one makes when playing a certain passage for example! Haha…I know it sounds funny to musicians. But for the consumer it’s definitely something that adds to the experience of listening. Video is such a huge part of our lives now that there is really no escaping it. Video is enabled by mobile device technology and lets face it, most people are consuming music this way.

For the student or aspiring musician it’s a great chance to see in details how things worked at the recording sessions! The mechanics involved on playing. The fine details of craftsmanship. I remember when I was a kid I had to put my finger on records to slow them down. It was the only way to decipher what a player did. Those days seem like another lifetime, far away. To me this a gigantic step forward for everyone involved. Yes….its was massively expensive and 3x’s the work. But…I am banking on it being worth. Not only at the point of consumption but at the tail end and beyond. For marketing and booking the trio, agents and festivals can get a real taste of what will happen at a performance. Thats is another invaluable result on the back end of all this effort. As you can see…We gave a lot of thought into why we should do things like this and how!

So…we are at this pivotal moment. And of course…the way things are now we need people to take part in the project from this point on! You guessed it. The funding campaign. As much as I dont like to sell things…it has become a necessary part of the whole endeavor. Pre sales is a huge help for the artists and producers of projects like this.

You can be a apart of it on GoFundme. Enjoy great deals on the new music. Package deals for all my music at once. Or for drummers get extremely discounted rates on memberships to my lessons site! Made especially for this campaign! [fancy_link link=”https://www.gofundme.com/thephilmaturanotrio” variation=”green”]Be a part of the Phil Maturano – New York Sessions[/fancy_link]

By the way here is the link to the projects promotional video.

[fancy_link link=”https://youtu.be/sSnTIs3i8Pk” variation=”green”]Watch the trio talk about the recording experience. Thoughts about the music and personal introductions[/fancy_link]