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Sabian Day Brazil

Sabian Day Florionopolis Brazil!

Hi Folks! As you can imagine I am very happy about this upcoming event! Brazil is a country I have been wanting to get to for a very long time! It is definitely one of the drumming meccas of the world. Brazilian music has worldwide reach and for a drummer it is a destination everyone should aim to go!

So here I have been invited to play at Sabian day in the beautiful city of Florionopolis. There by the sea we will explore grooves organized by the wonderful Rafael Bastos School of music. June 2nd! Coming up!

Sabian Day Brazil

Sabian Day Brazil

Some info in Portuguese: Grande honra! Sabian Day Florianópolis, dia 2 de junho com Maurício Leite, Vera Figueiredo e Phil Maturano. Realizado pela Escola de Música Rafael Bastos no teatro Álvaro de Carvalho.