Live to Play!


Live To Play

This page is all about the kits i use and especially the gear featured in Inner Clock 2!

I am very proud to play Drumcraft Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Gon Bops percussion, Regal tip Sticks, Remo Heads
The photos are from various set ups to give you an idea of the configuration.


Set-Up of Phil Maturano
Cymbals (From left to right)
14″ Hats
10″ Splash
16″ Thin crash
20″ Ride
14″ Remote light hats
17″ Thin crash
16″ Thin crash

Drumcraft Series 8 Drums
10 12 14
20 BD
or 18 BD
5 1/2 sn

Pedals (From left to right)
single pedal for clave
double pedal
heavy duty Hi hat stand

Percussion (From left to right)
Mountable tambourine with brass jingles
Percussion block for left foot clave.
Contra campana mounted on left
Stainless steel cha cha bell mounted above contra campana
Stainless steel coro bell mounted on BD

Regal Tip Sticks
Changuito timbal sticks


Phil Maturano Signature stick

Full Percussion Touring set up
For a full list of my percussion gear email me.

My Gon bops set up in IC2 Upcoming release on Huds
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