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  • Beauty

    I remember when…

    Lessons were so hard to find!  I know there are lots of people doing drum lessons online. But, having seen most of them frankly, they leave a lot to be desired. If you know me, you know that I take the passing on of drumming …

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  • Thoughts on Writing IC2

    The process I was thinking about the time spent composing the music for IC2 recently. All in all it was a good eight months of solid writing day in and day out. A situation where I was able to lock myself in a house in …

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  • IC2 Logo 4 Point Time Interaction

    About My New Membership site

    When I was a kid, studying was very difficult. It was difficult because of the lack of information, difficulty in obtaining the information and finally the worst of all…sifting through all the people who were just out to make a buck off me. Who were …

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